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Data Cleansing Integration

Data Cleansing & Integration solution from Denologix gives organizations the ability to view, cleanse and standardize customer data. Like any other asset, you need to maximize the performance of your data for optimum results.

Transform inaccurate and incomplete data into real insights & new opportunities resulting in:

Increased Revenue,
Reduced Risk

Having the Competitive

Maximized Customer

Improved Operational

Functionality / Features

Pre-built business solution; not just a development tool

De-duplicate and remove inaccurate data

Adapters for integration with operational, analytical and legacy systems

Robust high volume parallel processing to eliminate performance bottlenecks

Identifying partial match

Rule based customer record matching

Standard customer information data model for the customer hub

Associates customer information, leaving data ownership intact where required

Cross reference table for quick lookups between multiple source systems

Screens for updating customer information hub

Standard reports for customer data verification and analysis

Manual merge and un-merge

Deliverables / Benefits

Batch and Real-time access to your customer information

Option of Pay Per Use or Licensed

Customer retention and satisfaction

Competitive pricing

Fixed price solution – Success Guaranteed!

Rapid Deployment – saves valuable time and resources

Consistent customer experience

A unified view of customers across sales and distribution channels

Scalability: Add new data sources without changing any code

Integrated operational analysis

Compliance with customer-centric regulatory needs

Delivers immediate and incremental value

What Happens If Users Don’t Have A Trusted View of the Data?

Sales Community

  • Lost Prospects
  • Impact to cross-selling
  • Client attrition
  • Lost opportunities

Finance & Management

  • Billing and invoicing delay
  • Reputational damage
  • Compliance failure and fines
  • Higher operational cost

Marketing Community

  • Poor understanding and analysis capability
  • Privacy issues and mis-marketing
  • Poor customer segmentation

Customer Service

  • Cross-channel inconsistencies
  • Degraded customer experience
  • Increased customer complaints
  • Morale decline

what clients are saying

  • BI Platform Implementation and Data Migration

    I have worked with Denologix for over a decade now... This vendor is amazing. I'm happy I chose Denologix and would do it again.


  • Forecasting Server Implementation

    I would like to emphasize that Denologix provided excellent services to us while respecting our numerous constraints. They were very professional and meticulous. It was a pleasure to work with them.


  • Data Analytics Regulatory Project

    Their ability to understand customer needs is quite special. Denologix was very good at listening to us and coming up with solutions, which they were able to sell to our own internal clients easily. They know how to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and accountability.

    Director, CIBC

  • SAS Implementation and Migration

    Their team is very honest. Their leaders are very transparent and open. Partnership like this, you don’t find anywhere. I met very few vendors that I could say that I trusted. This vendor is amazing. I am happy I chose Denologix and would do it again.

    Sr. Manager, Aviva

  • Regulatory Data Analytics Project

    Terrific. Denologix has a fantastic reputation with our business in terms of being flexible. They are very rapid in acquiring new capabilities. They have established strong customer relationships and relationships with internal SAS departments. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    Vice President, SAS

  • Merchandizing Intelligence and Optimization

    Denologix was reliable, collaborative, efficient and communicative throughout the Adidas project. Prognos would definitely work with the Denologix team again if we have technical gaps that require senior SAS resources.


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